Laurent Doguin

VP Developer Relation

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Looking to help companies adopt DevRel practices


Clever Cloud

VP Developer Relation 04.2017 - Present

My main role is to make sure DevRel is understood as a discipline and practiced by all Clever Cloud employees, whether they are technical or not.

We have a strong field marketing focus considering the size of the company. And I encouraged and helped our engineers to submit abstracts and give talks. Most of this was recycled into a broad Content Strategy, going from basic tutorials to in-depth R&D topics. Covid19 made us shift our focus from events and talks to a podcast where most Clever Cloud engineers participate and talk about their latest tech interest.

We also completely redesigned our documentation portal, moving to a static generator solution, and started our path to a full OpenAPI documentation and its generated clients. Outside of conference season we got to contribute to the product on developer experience related features.

I also hired and mentored a developer who become an experienced developer advocate and moved to another company.

As right hand of the CEO and part of the executive team I structured different parts of the company. I strengthen our Quality and Assurance culture through the setup of integration tests and the automation of business tasks with Jenkins. I wrote and planned a significant part of our marketing content. I structured ISV partnerships and our referral program, and was involved in most presales and postsales discussions as well as related material creation. During the COVID-19 pandemic I reassigned most of the time I dedicated to field marketing on growing our support team, doubling its size.


Developer Advocate 08.2014 - 04.2017

Couchbase Developer Advocate for the Java developers and the French community. I wrote and talked about NoSQL, data modeling and reactive programming. As one of the first France based employees I also participated in many presales and marketing efforts. I also realized one of the kickoff demos of their main conference Couchbase Connect.


From Intern to Engineer to Dev Advocate 08.2007 - 07.2014

I started out as an intern, dropped out of school and started as an engineer. After 4 years I started a part time evangelism effort which eventually transformed into the first full time Devrel position.

I wrote code, blog posts, reached out to people, hosted webinars, recorded and edited screencasts with command line tools, merged pull requests among other things. My goal was to empower the Nuxeo community and the marketing team. I was in charge of parts of the marketing technical infrastructure.

Sometimes I also turned into a trainer, consultant or tech support.


French - Native

English - Fluent


Favorite Databases
Favorite Languages
JavaJavaScriptRust (trying to..)
Other tech hobbies
Dhall the configuration languageNixOSOpenAPI
Less Techie skills
Public speakingContent writingAV editingBeer brewing at La Marmotte Masquée


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

IFIPS (dropout)


Technology Institute Laval
2005 - 2007


  • Developer Experience
  • Documentation
  • Tooling
  • Strategy
  • Projects

    A couple of article I wrote at Clever Cloud


    Some of the talks I gave

    I run the "Message a Caractère informatique" Podcast


    A technical podcast where all Clever Cloud employees sometimes joined by guests are discussing the latest articles they read.